Friday, July 18, 2008

Granny and Burt Burt

Well I am finally connected to the world wide web again so I will catch you up on all of our travels. We flew in and were met by Brian's parents otherwise known as Granny and Burt Burt. They were amazing following Brian's instructions and helping us adjust to our new time zone. We laid pretty low for the first couple of days. You have all seen the splish splash pictures of when Carley's cousins came to visit. We headed out to church and Carley managed to go off to Sunday School by her self. We had lots of fun playing with all of Granny's toys and swimming in the kiddie pool and playing in the sprinklers with Granny. On Wednesday granny took us to the Jump Zone which is this great place full of inflatables, but it is inside in the air conditioning. Carley loved it James did too after he had a little nap on Granny's shoulder. James got to have his first Slushy grape flavor picked out by Carley. He had to have his own he liked it so much.

On Thursday it was off to the National Zoo. It was sunny and warm, but not to hot. We saw all sorts of animals, even though alot of them were sleeping. The highlight of the day I think was watching the elephant get his bath. It is pretty cool to watch them clean this huge animal from head to toe. He rolls over and lets them get both sides and everything.
The tigers were wide awake playing too.
We spent the 4th at Granny and Burt Burt's with Brad, Meredith, Conner, and Taryn. Brian's sister Ashley and her husband Jon made it in from Waco. They had come to see friends since they are being stationed in Alaska in August. Jon has just been commissioned into the Army as a chaplain. Several friends of the family joined us for the cook out as well.
Jon and Ashley took us geochaching. Which like a big treasure hunt where people hide things and you have to find them with latitude and longitude coordinates. the kids had a blast following Uncle Jon into the woods and there was even treasure when we found the spot. The next day Carley, James, and I accompanied by Nancy all headed out to Boston by plane. Nancy was great to make the trip. She got us in the rental car to drive to North Hampton NH and then turned around and flew home. We had a great first ten days in the US.

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