Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Malaysia Style

This is how we started the joyous celebration of the risen Christ in our house. The Easter Bunny came and he did not disappoint. There were baskets full of great goodies. James was so excited about his new dump truck and miniature mobile crane. Carley has lots of crafts to do and sprinkles for her apple sauce. There were eggs to find both plastic and dyed. An interesting note about dying eggs in this country it is not as easy as you might think. Most eggs here are brown so you have to purchase what is called a Kampung egg. This is a free range egg and they are much lighter and more expensive. So the Head house only dyed 10 eggs this year and the rest were plastic. James and Carley were very excited. Easter as you can imagine is not very celebrated in this country. There are very few decorations and candy is hard to find and expensive. I was surprised when Carley and James brought Eater crafts home on Friday. Church was still full as many came to worship.

We hurried off to church to praise the Lord. Brian enjoyed the service while Carley and I went off to Sunday school. The kids had an Easter egg hunt, but only got to collect one egg. I got to teach my 5-8 year olds today, 16 of them in total. But we had fun. After a call to Alaska and lunch we had a lazy afternoon since it was very rainy.
I hope that this Easter finds all of you filled with the joy that is the truth of Jesus' Resurrection so as Carley says we can all go live with Him in heaven now. Have a blessed day.

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