Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bali Millionaire

So I am not feeling very well tonight, just really tired and needing an early bedtime So my blog will be short and I will tell you more about our trip to Bali tomorrow. One of the craziest things about going to Bali is that you become an instant millionaire. We cashed in $300 US dollars and in return got 2,865, 000 rupi. Pretty crazy. Here is a picture of the money all laid out. You can not see very well but the bright red bills are 100 000, the blue are 50, 000. They have 20, 10, 5, and 1 thousand rupi bills as well. Their coins are really odd because they feel like fake money you would find in Carley's play cash register, but they are legal tender One US dollar is worth about 9200 Rupi. Now when you shop for things and eat out you really have to be good with your math since one buffet dinner we had was 300, 000 rupi which is a little more than $30 US dollars. Not bad for an amazing seafood grill with all the trimmings. But a little intimidating when you first begin to scope things out. Yes Mrs. Darnell was right you will always need to know how to divide and you do use long division in the real world.
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Bert Burt said...

I knew that all the ExxonMobil guys would be "millionaires" and sure enough there is Paige and Brian becoming an "instant Bali Millionaire" Not exactly like being just a plain old millionaire but it sounds like a lot of fun to pretend. Loved the video and picture of all the money.