Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Carley's Princess Party

Happy Birthday Carley

Carley wanted to have a Princess Party so that is what she got. We invited 11 little girls to join us in their princess finest. Even I had to get dressed up. I was the Indian Princess. Brian was out of town and the Vaughans stepped in and took the kids to church.I decorated the house with lots of pink and purple fabric. Flowers on the table and even coming up the walk. Every princess needs flower petals to walk on. This is my favorite picture she was so excited.

I had the greatest prep crew. Ms. Alama, Ms Corzon and Ms. Cecil. They are three maids that are good friends. I picked them up Sunday morning and we would not have eaten if they had not been here. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful help.

Then the princesses came. All dressed in their favorite princess costumes. We had so much fun and the girls all looked so cute. First we decorated capes, that really did not go as well as planned since the paint bought on sale in the US was very dried up. But the girls made the most of it and we still had fun.

After that the girls all had their toe nails painted. I know such a luxury, but when you never wear shoes they see mommy's pedicure. SO I asked Ruth and a friend to help me out and the little girls just loved it. After rinsing their feet in orchid water they were treated to a fun color on their toes. Even glitter and press on stars. They were all so excited about the finished product.

Next we played pass the parcel. This is basically hot potato and they get to unwrap one layer of wrapping pare and the last layer means a prize. They got the hang of it eventually.
Place the crown in the princess followed and since our princess is the tallest among her friends she had a lot of crowns on her sleeves and neck. But it was fun all the same.
All the princesses had some snacks and then it was cake time. Carley had a castle cake and she loved it. I have got to learn how to make icing like Robin it is soooo good. Thanks for helping me out.

Carley opened her presents and before everyone left they had one last thing to do. What princess is not complete with out a wand. Ours were made out of cookies and yummy treats. I think many of them did not make it homeWe had a wonderful time and Carley did say Thank you more than once. We were sad that Daddy missed the big day, but we still had fun. All the girls left with a new tiara and a smile on their face.

Wish you could have all been here too. We missed so many of you.

Love Paige


Anonymous said...

This post reminded me SO much of my own daughter's 5th birthday party. She got a Barbie princess vanity and her 3 year old sister took it over immediately. :)

Courtney had a "pink dress" that looked an awful lot like the one your little girl is wearing... it was her favorite thing in the world and she wore it until it was just shreds and I finally had to put it away. I still have it upstairs, a tattered little treasure.

Happy birthday to your little one... mine is 14 on Dec. 2. Trust me, time does fly.

Alison said...

What beautiful princesses!
We miss you,
aunt ali