Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Marleigh was my dog. I had named her before I even picked her out. I drove Brian crazy once we bought our house and one Sunday, I told Brian I was going to take a nap and when I woke up we were going to get a puppy. So he looked through the paper and we drove to Conroe. I new I wanted a light haired, female golden retriever. We narrowed it down to two and then I asked them who wanted to be Marleigh and my puppy started to wiggle. So we took her home. We had to sneak her into Walmart to buy food, bowls and a baby gate. She was so small ,so sweet and all mine. She lived in our laundry room those first few months. I wish I had pictures of her back then to share with you but those discs are in storage. I would go home at lunch to let her out and she would follow me to the mail box. She was such a good dog.

She became a regular at Cinco Ranch High School. She came to games, and practice, she even came to school and sat in the office when school was not in session. Her favorite place to ride was in the front seat of my convertible. Top down of course. She would just sit there ears blowing in the breeze.

Marleigh checking out Carley's new house.

She loved anything sweet. She ate the top layer of our wedding cake, leaving us one tiny sliver for our one year anniversary. She would walk without a leash. She loved to run, but she always came back. She loved toothpaste. Thanks Miss Brenda.

Her favorite place to sleep was her chair. Katy a dog friend came to visit, the story is too long to tell here, but Katy and Marleigh slept together in this chair and when Katy left Marleigh claimed it for her own.

She had some special friends. Miss Brenda Gerland and her dog Maggie were two of them. Maggie needed a buddy to help her get her pep back in her step and my puppy was just the trick. I would drop her off and she would play all day on Friday. Maggie and Marleigh loved to play chase, tug of war with socks, but most of all swim. Marleigh was a swimmer and she loved to get on the raft in Brenda's pool and float around with her buddy. When we finally got home after a Friday night football game. She would still be asleep, usually on our bed. Brenda was always there in a pinch. Marleigh only spent one night of her life in the kennel thanks to our friends.

Aunt Nikki was another one of Marleigh's special friends. She would get so excited when Nikki came to the house. Nikki would have to brace herself before I could open the door. They would wrestle and play. When Nikki came to stay there was popcorn and ice cream a plenty. she was spoiled, and they were happy together.

Then there was Cooper, He is the son of our friends Lou and Misti. Cooper came to hang out at our house twice a week for a year when he was about 14 months old. Mistis was taeching and Coop and Carley woudl play. Cooper was very scared when he first came to visit us and Marleigh was bigger than he was. Marleigh was always calm and gentle. But eventually they became good buddies.

Don't get me wrong Marleigh was not perfect. She liked to eat books and Tupperware. One Christmas she ate the check my grandmother sent. She jumped alot. The more she liked you the more she jumped. But we loved her anyway.

But Marleigh was my constant companion. She was there when I was alone and sad or happy and glad. I am not sure how many miles we walked I am sure in the thousands. She loved to lick rice up off the floor when we were done eating especially after Carley came along. She loved to put her head in your lap when she needed a pat, and she always put her paws on the bed to say can I Before she jumped up and make herself at home.

When Carley came along I was worried. How would my four footed baby take to our new baby. To the horror of some, the first thing we did when we walked in the house was put Carley down on the floor in her car seat. Marleigh gave her a good sniff, a little lick, and then laid down next to her. Marleigh paced the floor every time Carley would cry. She got less sleep than any one those first few weeks. When Carley would cry, Marleigh would come to the side of the bed and wake us up. They were the best of friends from the very start. They would lie together on the floor. She could crawl all over her and Marleigh would not move.

Reading to Marleigh

Where Carley went Marleigh would at least check in. Whether playing in the little pool, hanging out on the floor of going for a ride she wanted to be around. They were the best of friends and that made me happy. Marleigh still had quiet time with me when I would nap. She always ended up on my bed. Marleigh was always there when we opened the door with her famous wiggle and gave us longing eyes when we left without her.

Moving to Malaysia was hard on all of us. We had to leave Marleigh with my mom and Heather in Florida. Brian and I felt the transition would just be too hard. A piece of me was happy because I knew Marleigh was there to take care of Mom and Heather and they would always have a piece of us. But leaving her broke my heart. I missed her so. But Marleigh adapted like she always did. She made friends with Bestsy, my mom's friend, and her dogs Babe and Tootsie. Betsy would come and get Marleigh most days while mom and Heather were working and the dogs would hang out and play.

It has been a long week. Mom called last week to tell me Marleigh was sick. She has tumors in her spleen and her liver. She had lost 15 pounds in the last year which is a lot for a dog. The vet said she had several months to live. We worried and stressed, especially since mom and Heather are coming to KL. But the Lord stepped in and she stopped eating. My mom is the best she sat with Marleigh in her final moments today. My heart aches thinking of life with out her. Carley cried and begged to see her doggie friend. Marleigh is not in pain anymore. And I believe that Marleigh is back playing with her best friend Maggie. I just hope they can just share the float in the big swimming pool in heaven.

We love you Marleigh.

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Maegen Benedetti said...

I remember her being around. We had to put our dog to sleep in February, so I understand what you are going through. Marleigh is not hurting anymore just like Snickers isn't, though there isn't a day that I don't think about her.

E Keller said...

Ahh sweetie. What a loving tribute to your special first baby! I know how hard it will be for Nance and Heather not to have his presence in their home. Thank you for that made-up face washing.

Bert Burt said...

Great tribute to Marleigh! Clearly she was a special member of your family and one who spent many precious moments with you as well as Carley and Brian. We also have some fond memories of Marleigh - especially her love for the new person in her world. Marleigh is now pain free and enjoying time with all the new people/animals that are in her new world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming by to say hello! I guess you read that my computer is on the blink so I'm not able to do much blogging or reading lately (I'm borrowing my husband's laptop as we speak!)... but I wanted to come by and say hello. It's very nice to "meet" you - and since I don't have my google bar up there I can't bookmark you, so feel free to come by again when I'm officially back so I can find you again on my own computer. Computers can be a blessing or a curse!

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog - what a beauty she was! Losing a pet is surprisingly emotional. We aren't dog people but we love cats and we lost a beloved kitty 2 - 3 years ago. It was the girls' first kitty. It was awful having to tell them. Thankfully they weren't here when I found her - small blessings.

I hope you have a good Thanksgiving - enjoy your chicken! :) Makes me wonder if maybe that Asian family was thinking, "wow, that turkey is sure cheap! No wonder they love thanksgiving!" :) I'd send you leftovers if I could...


Misti said...

I'm so sorry to here about Marleigh. I know how much you loved her and how she was such an important part of your family. Thanks for sharing her with us...Coop loved her. Give the kids a big hug for us.

Alison said...

Hi Head family,
I'm sorry to hear about the losses you have had recently. We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a good visit with Mom and Heather.
We wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday Paige!
Loves and hugs,
Al and Alison
call us when you can.