Monday, May 19, 2008

Look At Me

So I am home from an amazing weekend in Cambodia. We saw the temples of Angkor, went to a floating village on the lake, and went to visit a village. Cambodia is an amazing coutnry and I have so much to share including lots of pictures. But tonight I am tired and ready to veg. I know I know I just came hoem from vacation you say. But my friend Melissa and I were up by dawn for three out of the four mornings. We had early flights and I did not want to miss sunrise at the temples and it did not dissappoint. I came home today to a happy house. Brian did a great job, as i knew he would. Carley had a bout of stomach flu on Friday after I left and James is cutting some monster teeth, but everyone one was all smiles when I got home. But the biggest surprise is what James has mastered in four short days since I left. See the video below.C
Crazy since he has not even really tired to let go. I promise to get started telling about my trip tomorrow. Today just enjoy. Blessings

Leay Heuy (Pronounced Lay Hi means Good Bye In Cambodian.)

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P Mixter said...

Wow! Great progress for such a "big boy!" Who was the Coach while the coach was away? Big Sis? Daddy? Pretty soon he'll be climbing! Or graduating from high school--it happens so quickly!

Kemi said...

go jamsey!!! :)

Bert Burt said...

James Man is on the move for sure now. He certainly picked up the "walking thing" fast. Of course I knew he would be a truly gifted child knowing what special parents and big sister he has. Hope he continues to master other of life's many mysteries as well as he did walking.