Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Family Pictures

Here are some of our Family Pictures from Last weekend. Hope you Enjoy Them.

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Grammy said...

What beauties and great pictures. I cannot wait to see more. Did you notice that both James and Carley concentrate with their tongues out just a bit? Hmmmm someone else I know did that.

Jon & Ashley McP said...

Nice pictures - we will be near water soon too - but I don't think we will be in summer clothes for a long long time :)
<>< ashley

P Mixter said...

Great photos! Can't wait for some time with y'all in July at the beach!

Anonymous said...

oh those are beautiful. I think of you almost daily. i love your blog. i've got to get one of those going :) love you! kemi
ok will you send me your email...? to

Bert Burt said...

Great Pictures!! The whole family looks like they walked off a movie set after playing their role as a member of the "All American Family." Look forward to seeing you all in person soon.