Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back on the Blog Wagon

I know it has been a long time since I posted my last blog, but until looking at the calendar I didn't realize quite how long it had been. So here I am Back on the blog wagon and I will try to catch you up on what has been going on. My last post was on March 21st just before Easter.
Easter here is very uneventful. No chocolate eggs in the stores or giant Easter baskets wrapped in cellophane. Actually I could not even find jelly beans. Luckily I knew this might be a problem so Brian brought us some plastic eggs, jelly beans and an egg dying kit from his last trip to Texas. Carley and I did dye eggs she did a great job even dying one blue and another green for James. Eggs hidden and baskets stocked we had a great Easter egg hunt. We hustled off to church to celebrate the real reason for Easter, our savior rising from the dead Hallelujah. We still have not found a church home but we went to our favorite so far. DUMC is a mega church here in Malaysia. The worship center is brand new and seats about 3000. It is a great church filled with the spirit and very alive. We had a wonderful celebration.
On the 26th we went back to the doctor, for a follow up on Brian's foot. In case you do not remember Brian was putting away some dishes when a glass bowl shattered and a piece severed his extensor tendon of his big toe. Big toes are pretty important if you did not know they are the keystone to your balance and push off when walking and especially running. Our doctors visit was very disappointing since it was confirmed that the initial surgery did not work and that the tendon was not connected. Another surgery was now in Brian's future. We choose or should I say I demanded that we seek out another doctor. We had a very stressful couple of days trying to find a specialist here, even looking at plane tickets back to Houston to have my favorite surgeon Dr. Rechter fix it. Dr Rechter was very kind and interrupted his office hours on Wednesday morning to talk with me and basically give me a phone consultation on how he would handle the situation. He even agreed to take Brian into surgery the next Monday if we decided to go that route. But God is good and after my Wednesday morning mom's prayer group I was talking with one of the mom's and she said I know a group of specialist and the office is really close to your house. We ended up seeing Dr. Low their ankle specialist on Friday. I made it very clear after asking some specific questions that I had some background in the field of orthopedics and he was very knowledgeable and put most of my concerns at ease. Brian had surgery on Monday the 31st of March. The whole process admission, surgery recovery and rehab is all done at their out patient surgery center. I was very impressed with everything and I am very happy we found them. Brian unfortunately starts the healing process over again and he spent the next full week working from home. He was fitted with a walking boot on the 7th of April and went back to work with limited walking the next day. He is walking now using crutches for long walks and when it gets sore at the end of the day. He will be in the boot for several more weeks. This week is very busy for him since all of the managers and supervisors for his group from around the world are all here for a meeting. It is good to have face time with all of them and most of his night meetings for at least this week have been canceled.
In the midst of all this Carley's preschool director who I have completely fallen in love with decided that God was really calling her to do other things with her life and she sold her school to one of her teachers. Needless to say there has been a LOT of DRAMA. For now Carley is staying but we will see how things go.
We finally bought our plane tickets to come back to the states. We are leaving here on the 26th of June and coming back on the 12th of August. More to come on when I will be in your neck of the woods. Because unless you live in Alaska I will probably be nearby at some point. My tickets home were true miracles we have been watching them waiting for the price to go down and all they did was go up about 200 dollars a week and then one night we happened to find some for 1700 and that is 500 less than we had seen them in a month. The crazy thing is I am on the phone with my uncle, the travel agent, and he can not find these tickets in the system. He says quick book them before they disappear and so I did. Thank you God for small miracles. Now if the price of gas would just go down.
Lastly I am just tired and have been going to bed early instead of blogging. James is still not sleeping through the night, so that means that I am getting up at least once. We are in the process of trying to stop that and go to milk and bottles but that is another blog. Unfortunately I am afraid he might be lactose intolerant. Not allergic like my sister Heather, but he seems to have bad burps with little spit ups after his milk bottles. Hopefully he just needs to get used to it.
Well there it is the good the bad and the ugly. It has been a crazy couple of weeks and there is lots more to talk about. I still have to finish telling you all about our trip to Bali and I have lots of other things to blog about. But it is bed time and the rest will have to wait for another day. Love to all.

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Bert Burt said...

Great blog! There were some details that helped to fill in the story about what is happening at the Heads. Glad to hear about your Easter egg hunt being a success. Look forward to seeing you in Jun.

Anonymous said...

Hi there...thanks for the update. Ethan had to be on soy formula as a baby and has now become lactose intolerant after 2 years of drinking milk all the time...you can manage, especially after Heather's allergy. He might just get used to cow's milk if given enough time. I am glad to hear you are coming for sure...I sure hope I can find a way for our paths to cross even if only for a hug and a hello! Love to you all! Jackie

P Mixter said...

Glad to hear that Brian is healing up and that life continues to perk along. We look forward to our reunion this summer! We're finally seeing some spring this week, we a daffodil or two peeking out. Maddy has her wisdom teeth out today. Best to the fab four in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it is to hear how things are going!!! I've missed your blog! Give our love to Brian...2 surgeries-yuck! I am glad to hear he is healing well. I am praying for you friend! It sounds like life is full! Kiss your babies from the Jungebluts. We love you all so much and cannot wait to see you this summer. The offer still stands for Brinton Oaks Ct.! Love you friend. Robyn

P.S. Avery had to be on soy milk after I quit nursing...it made a HUGE difference for her tummy! She can still have other dairy; just the actual cow's milk upset her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paige! It's great to hear about you all again. I hope Brian's foot heals fast! Let me know if you will be anywhere near Ohio or Indiana when you come home this summer- I would love to come see you even if for only an hour!!! It has been way too long! I miss talking to you. Julie (from Auburn)

Anonymous said...

Hi Paige! Good to see you've maybe had some spare time to get on your blog. ok Esther wants to talk to you...dear Carley, I miss you so much. and i hope i get to see you soon. and i really wish you could see me soon in america. dear Carley and Jamesy. love, Esther.
me again...I miss having our hang out times. We had a snow storm last night (Esther's prayers answered :) I'm ready for it to go away now and get warm. We are all sick. but i supposed its to be expected. I"ll write you soon.
love kemi

Anonymous said...

Esther says God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you!

I'm glad the 2nd operation seems to be a success----we'll continue to pray for healing.

Easter is the same here in Japan---no bunny and all the commercialism has not found its way here yet.

I want to go stateside too----but we are still trying to decide whether or not a move is in the future for us. Ticket prices to go Stateside from here is about $1300 for summer rates.

Rest up----raising little ones is only a season. Try to relish and enjoy those moments, sleepless as it may be. :)