Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Driver

Moving to Malaysia, we knew life would be full of new and different experiences. One of the "perks" of living in Malaysia for many expats is that their company gives them a driver. A driver is a luxury that one would never experience at home but it is quite common here. Some companies give employees a driver for a period of time so that you can get used to driving on the other side of the road and learning your way from point A to point B. Other companies include a driver for their managers and instead of sitting around waiting for the boss to get finished they drive the family around. Having a driver is nice because you never have to drive around looking for a parking spot nor do you have to pay for a parking spot. And by the way you pay to park everywhere, but that is another blog. Also with a driver you do not have to worry about getting directions because most of them know the city very well. They are ready to go when you are and willing to wait around if you want to stay a little longer. You never worry about where your umbrella is because you get picked up at the door.

Since Brian has been allowed to go back to work he has been in a walking boot. The first week he was on crutches and the next two weeks he was allowed to walk but only short distances. Brian can drive the problem was really parking and getting caught in the rain. Originally Brian was just going to take a taxi to and from work. Getting to work was not a problem, but one night he got caught in the rain waiting for a taxi and another night he could not get one to come for 45 minutes and did not arrive home until almost seven. So we talked about it and decided we would hire a driver. After asking around, we were given the name and number for Winston, a very nice indian man who has spent the past three weeks driving us. Winston would start his day at seven by taking Brian to work and then come home and drive Carley to school and take me to yoga, the grocery store and all those little errands moms run during the day. Winston would finish his day by picking Brian up around 4. I was a little worried when Winston first came what Carley would say. Recently she has not taken to new people very well. But Carley took to Winston the first day he came. On Winston's first day Carley was out of school and we needed to take the car to the shop and then go meet a friend to play. I had Winston follow me and assuming that Carley would ride with me I put her in her car seat and got ready to drive. But she promptly informed me that Mr. Winston was going to drive her, and so he did. An instant friendship was born. Carly loves to talk to Mr. Winston. He taught her several colors in Bahasa, the native language. When given the chance, Carley made sure that Mr. Winston drove her. She even went so far as to tell me one afternoon,when I was driving her home from gymnastics because Winston had gone to pick up Brian for physical therapy, that I was a bad driver. Mr Winston is much better driver than you. I like his driving. He should drive us all the time, she informed me. She gave him flowers and colored him pictures. Rushed out to see him when it was time to go to school and told him to drive carefully when he would leave for the day. Sadly this was Winston's last day of driving for us. Brian is better and can handle the walk from the parking garage across the street up to the office. Carley was very sad when Winston got ready to leave, but insisted on having her picture made with him. She gave him another picture and once again told him to drive carefully on his way home. She waved good bye out the window as he drove his moped out the gate. She shed a few tears because we told her he was not coming back. Little does she know how lucky she is to be a little girl who has had a driver.

Have a great day. Paige, Carley and Winston


Grammy said...

Great Blogs. I go on everyday to see if you have posted a new one. I love it. Glad to hear that Brian's toe is better. , Love Grammy

Bert Burt said...

Loved the story of Winston and how Carley accepted him so quickly. That is another adventure she will have to talk about for years to come. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it worked out so well with Winston! :)