Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun Times

Can I just tell you that I have two of the greatest children. I know I am there mom I am supposed to say that but really. I have had so much fun with both of them and they have gotten themselves into all sorts of trouble. So I thought I would share some pictures and some short stories.

Today we went to an indoor play place. Carley really likes this one because it has a giant slide that goes down in spirals like 5o ft. Plus they have a giant ball pit. I like it because it has a special place for James where you have to be 3 or under to play. They both had a blast. Carley is out of school this week and so five of her friends came too, all boys. She had so much fun running and climbing and chasing them around.
These are two of Carley's friends. The one on the left is Pete. He is Irish and Carley calls him her king. Which she says means they are best friends. The one on the right is Andrew. Andrew and his family will be moving back to Katy in July. And they will be dearly missed by our family. They were all lying on the floor showing me their feet. While taking a break at Kidsport. I could not resist.

Last weekend we went to the science center. They have a section where bunnies run around and you can pet them. Here is James very excited with his new bunny friend. After we came home Carly and I decided to wash the cars. She was very wet when it was all over.

Here is James pretending to be his Daddy and type on the laptop. Brian has several conference calls during the week and he sets his lap top up in the living room. James is very observant.
James had a fever the other day and I decided to try something other than medicine, since I was sure that the fever was caused by teething. SO here is James sporting his Fever Patch. At first he was not a good patient and wanted to pull it off, but after a little while he got used to it.

Finally while I was working at my desk last week I heard a thump. I thought it was just construction noise since they are remodeling the house directly behind us. Then a few minutes later I heard another thump and this time a giggle came with it. I went upstairs to find this scene. James had somehow reached out and pulled his shelves closer to his crib. He was waving the Vaseline and laughing when I walked in. Diapers and toys all over the floor he knew he was the king. What fun we have.

Have a great day.

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Bert Burt said...

Carley and James certainly seemed to love their time at the indoor play place. Carley has the right idea of having all boys for friends - she can show them a few tricks they have not thought of. James loves the bunnies as he did the visiting puppies. Nice to have so many friends - sorry to hear that some will be moving away. However, they are returning to Katy, TX so there is always hope to see them again when you return.

Grammy said...

Carley looked liked she is having fun. I loved reading about all the places you went to during your trip. It was interesting. James is so cute.
Aunt Heather

Misti said...

I have to admit, I almost cried when you said Carley had another boy best friend. I miss y'all so much but am so excited that you get to experience such an adventure. I love y'all so much and can't wait to see you. When is all that going down again?