Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who does this look like?

Mom if you can not answer this question you are in trouble. Carley had a friend named Ava over to play on Monday and they decided to play with ALL of her stuffed animals. They had so much fun. Ava left shortly before nap time and I told Carley it was time to put away her animals. She said please mommy can't I just sleep with all of them. I am such a softy so I told her if she could make a spot for herself to sleep I would let them all stay. She proceeded to line animals down the wall and across where her feet would go and then up her bed rail. But there was a spot for her and she even took a good nap as the picture shows.
Now for the confession this could be a picture of me. I had well who am I kidding, I still have a rather large collection of stuffed animals mostly bears. And as a child I used to line them all up. My dad always used to ask where I was going to sleep. I managed to find a place and snuggle in. These days I share my bed with someone else, but I always have room for a bear.

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Bert Burt said...

So many stuffed animals and there was Carley right in the middle. I can just imagine her lining up all the animals one-by-one then making a hole for herself. So cute and just like her mother with a love for animals stuffed as well as real ones.

Grammy said...

Ah, yes it is in the genes. Stuffies and teddies make such good friends. Love Grammy

Kemi said...

ah happy memories of the girls reeking havoc on the rooms :)