Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jet Lag

So we left Malaysia on the 26th at one am local time and at 11 am local time we landed at Dulles in washington DC. For those of you who do not know how many time zones are in between Malaysia and the US it is 12 and it is a 27 hour trip from start to finish. We were tired but over all the kids did great. Korean Air is fabulous when it comes to helping you out. But if I have a choice I will not make the trip again with out Brian. The jet lag stinks. Carley has been waking up at 3 am ready to start her day. James jsut does not know when to sleep. But hey are both very happy to see thier Granny and Burt Burt. Brian's brother Brad and his family Meredith, Conner and Taryn came to visit on Friday. And we have enjoyed lots of wlaks and just hanging out. I will start shopping soon. I saw the Target and I was very excited. We are here for another week then off to NH for a Mixter family get together. If you want to call me I have a local cell phone while i am home 832 647-5303. Here are some pictures.

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