Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mixter Madness

This is the night of the big party. My grandparents with the younger cousin, and then exchanging gifts. They have been married 60 years.

Grammy and Carley all dressed up.

James is so excited about throwing rocks.

We Mixters love to eat Lobster and we take it very seriously. Check James out he managed to get some ice cream while Kirsten and I shared our dessert.

Hanging at the beach with the cousins. Uncle Mike helping Carley catch some air.
Carley laying out doing what the "Big" kids do.

I think loving the beach is in their genes. James had just had enough fun in the sun.
Crazy cousins jumping in the surf. BRRR it was cold.

Ellie, Grandad and James. Poor Grandad had a run in with a wall about a week before we came. I was happy it looks much worse than it was. James enjoyed story time with Aunt Kath.

Carley showing the "big boys" Sam and Jay how to have some fun. She was loving all the attention.

Uncle Phil is always good for some laughs. And I am not sure what deep conversation Ben and James are having.

Carley thinks her cousin EB is pretty cool.

As you can see we had a great week, we made lots of memories. I forgot to mention that it was really cool to take Carley and James back to this beach in North Hampton, NH because this is one of the first places I remember my Mom and Dad taking me to the beach. Just wish Dad could have been around to see them play.
Love to all of you


P Mixter said...

Paige, great photos and wonderful memories! Hope you're feeling better. I know you're dad was right there with us!

Bert Burt said...

Paige Thanks for sharing the great pictures and stories of your adventures at the Mixter Madness. Glad to be able to associate a face with a name. The kids do very well around both adults and other kids which is a tribute to you and Brian (mostly you in this case since Brian was 10,000 miles away!) We certainly enjoyed the time you spent with us and we look forward to a trip to visit you over there. Great memories for Carley, James and you.