Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rainy Day

It has been a rainy Saturday here in KL. Actually it started sunny and Brian and Carley went to the park this morning while James napped. But the morning gave way to clouds and then to rain and thunder. We have had a long week. Wednesday night Brian came home complaining of being achy and feeling not so good. Of course I sent him right off to the doctor since he was bit by a tick in Tennessee. They give him meds for the flu and said to come back and they might test him for Lyme. Carley, James and I went to the aquarium on Thursday. We had a great time seeing the sharks and many turtles. Brian came home early form work feeling really bad, fever and other things followed. My eye started to bother me thursaday night but I thought there was something in it. Friday morning dawned and I could not open my eye and Brian felt fine. My turn to the doctor and Brian worked from home. We are all on the up and up today. My eye is almost back to normal.
I thought I would give you another installment of our trip this summer. Mom, Heather, Carley, James and I said goodbye to the Mixter clan and drove down to Woods Hole out on Cape Cod. Here we hooked up with the Wagner clan, my mom's family. Her youngest brother Steve and his wife Carol live in Woods Hole. Their children Paul and Julia joined us for the weekend as well.
Along with mom's other Brother Charlie and his wife Beth. Unfortunately my grandparents did not make the trip. We were coming together to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. But my Granny started feeling under the weather and after two trips to the hospital and consultations with many doctors she was told she could not leave the area. Granny has since had surgery after being diagnosed with cancer in her colon. She is up and doing very well, but starting some chemo soon.
Missing my grandparents terribly we headed down to the beach for some pictures and a lobster bake. Yes that is right two lobsters in one week. I was a happy girl. We had a blast. Carley played with her Aunt Beth, whom she just adores. They has a great time chasing waves and jumping off rocks. James hung out in the sand. I will get some more pictures scanned in later.
The next morning started at six when James woke up. So we went for a walk. We watched the ferry load and leave for the Vineyard. James waved to all the cares and said bye bye as they drove on the ferry. Then we headed down towards the labs to see the boats. A new word that James said often as he pointed all of them out Boat, Boat. After that it was off to Pie in the Sky for some yummy breakfast pastries. Once everyone was up and moving we went to have a tour of my Uncle Steve's ships. He is the captain of two ships for NOAA. I really enjoyed the tour and the kids loved seeing where Uncle Steve sleeps, but most of all they loved getting to steer the ship. Do not worry the ship was at the dock and the engines were not on, but do not tell them. After lunch and naps, a swim was in order and after the kids went to bed I got a break and the grown ups headed off for a dinner without kids.
The next day was a new adventure. We said goodbye to Charlie and Beth as they were headed back to the city. Mom, Heather, the kids and I boarded the ferry and went to Martha's Vineyard. First Stop Flying horses. The Flying Horses is the oldest running carousel in the country. Kirsten, Heather and I took many a ride on it as kids. The coolest part about the carousel is that you grab rings as you go around and if you catch the brass ring you get to ride again for free with out waiting in line. This is another one of those things that I was so excited to share with my kids. Unfortunately their daddy missed their rides. But guess who got the brass ring and got to ride again. Carley. She was so excited. James after a little nap took a ride with Grammy. What fun. We had a quick lunch shopped at the Black Dog, and hopped back on the ferry. Carley and James really enjoyed the ride, watching the sea gulls fly by and all of the boats. Once we were back in Woods Hole we stopped my Noname. This house belongs to the Gardner/Balentine family. It is a house I spent a lot of time in as a child and more recently for a small reunion with the Alton family just before my father passed away. The house is on the water and has a beautiful view. It was always a favorite spots of Dad's. The reason for our visit was to see the memorial rock that had been placed there after my dad passed away. It is a beautiful memorial very fitting to the man, positioned next to the water his favorite place to be.
After a swim and a lovely dinner with the Steve and Carol it was home to pack again. We had a very early morning ahead of us and a flight to Florida. The reunion between Marleigh, Carley and I was full of laughs, tail wags, licking and kisses, but that is all for another time. Love to all.

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Bert Burt said...


Really enjoyed the story of your adventures in Woods Hole. I can imagine James' excitement at seeing boats and Carley's joy as she grabbed the Brass Ring. What a priceless opportunity to be able to share with your children some of your memorable activities growing up. Additionally, you had quality time together with many family members while they had the pleasure of seeing Carley, James and you. So many experiences packed into a relatively compact timeframe.

The kids must have loved every aspect of their time in Woods Hole.