Friday, August 29, 2008

Water Water Every Where But None In Our Pipes

August is supposed to be Hot, Dry and Hazy by Malaysian standards. The trade winds blow in from Indonesia and that brings the smoke from their burning. This year however it has been amazingly wet. The haze is here, but the rain washes it out of the sky. Now I know I have talked about the rain before, but usually it only rains in the late afternoon. But since we have been home it has rained at all hours of the day and night. Wednesday the rain storm was amazing. Carley and I were driving home just as it began and two road we had to take were already looking like rivers. A construction site I walk by daily had a land slide and several parts of KL flooded. As I type, the sun has gone in and the dark clouds are forming and I can hear the thunder in the distance. Funny thing is today we have woken up to no water coming out of the tap. We have this problem occasionally. The longest we have gone with out water is three days and we spent one night in a hotel then. We seem to go months with out a problem and then we will lose our water several times in a couple of weeks. The water situation is very deceiving too. We have a water tank in our attic so we often will have cold water coming out of the taps, but the pressure is low, toilets take a long time to fill and the hot water is nonexistent. But we no for sure when the water stops flowing in the kitchen. The kitchen cold water comes straight from the filter at the street so when it stops running we know to curb our water usage. I was checking out hotels for the night but realized that we can not leave the house overnight. We have house guests again of the four legged kind. Pauli and Becky are back again and unfortunately probably for the last time. Their family is relocating to Bangkok at the end of September. We will be sad to see them go.
I am not sure if you can tell but here is Carley a little closer. She has been letting Miss Alma put her hair into pigtails and pull the sides up and add bows. She looks so grown up and I am so excited that bows will be in our future. Until now Carley has just pulled them out and thrown them down. She has never minded wearing a hat, but she hates bows.
Finally here is a picture of Carley and James having fun in the car. They love to pretend they are driving, going away on a trip. They are very good and even take turns at the wheel. The only down side is that when you turn on the car and get ready to drive away for real the wipers are usually on high, the lights and hazards are on. The heat may be on high and the mirror is always out of place. But that is okay. They have so much fun.
Hopefully the water will be on soon. I am sure we will see some fall out of the sky, maybe I will set out some buckets. We will go bum some water off of friends and take showers elsewhere tonight if necessary and I am sure (fingers crossed) the water will be on tomorrow.

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Bert Burt said...

"Water every where" sounds like it would get old real fast. However, the family seems to have adjusted and are making the best of a bad situation.

Sorry to hear your friends will be leaving in Sep; but, I could tell that Carley was enjoying her time with Pauli and Becky.

Carley does look very nice as well as older with bows in her hair. Also, she and James look very pleased to be "driving the car" to various places.

Thanks so much for sharing your stories and for the pictures. It helps to see the kids as they pass through various stages of life.

Grammy said...

Do you have water yet? I seem to remember someone else loving it when Dr. Jim would let you sit on his lap and drive down at Pax River. I am sure Brian drove alot of tractors. It is in their genes.