Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just some Pictures for the People at Home

So on this Saturday evening while Carley and Brian are upstairs watching Mary Poppins, I decided to post some pictures that we have taken over the last week that I think are just cute.
Here are Carley and James playing office. Brian puts his computer here most nights if he has a meeting and our home lap top ended up next to it, because he was trouble shooting for me because the computer was giving me issues. James loves to type on the lap top every chance he gets and of course Carley can't be out done.

Here are my boys looking like twins. This is what happens when I do not pay attention to what Daddy is wearing when he goes off to work. The best part is that James has khaki shorts on too. They are pretty cute if I do say so myself. Next is Carley and James modeling there Black Dog T-shirts. In case you have not heard of the Black Dog, it is a restaurant on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. We did not get to the cafe this summer just hit the gift shop on another part of the island to see what was new. The black lab is their trademark and I just could not resist these cute Ts. Carley has princess dog and James is sporting the pirate dog. James knows what a dog is and pointed several times to his shirt and woofed.

This is what happens when you have had too much fun playing on a Saturday. We did not do anything exciting today just ran errands and getting crazy around the house. I hope everyone has a great day.

For us it will be a good night.




P Mixter said...

Life is good, one day at a time! I love the photo of the kids playing office, but not as much as B and Carley wiped out. Good times! Savor them! With all our love to y'all-

Anonymous said...

I know that there are moments when it is not fun, but enjoy all of these special moments, because they are gone in a flash and you wonder where the time went. Thanks for all the pictures and blogs. You so not know ho much it means. It makes half way around the world so far. Love Grammy

Bert Burt said...

Great pictures of the kids playing office.
Your "twins" are very handsome in their matching outfits. The Black Dog T-shirts are very nice looking on the kids and provide memories of a great trip to Massachusetts.
Carley and Brian look like they both played really hard and took a much needed nap!