Monday, October 20, 2008

Strange Bird

James and I were looking out the window this morning at the dogs next door. They have a Great Dane and a Cocker Spaniel. Both of which make a lot of noise, barking at everything and nothing. When I noticed this bird and I had to take a picture it looks like a dove that ran into a airbrush artist or a parrot crossed with a dove either way I have never seen a bird like this. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paige, its so fun to always be able to come here and hear from you. I didn´t seem to pull mine off :) oh well, just too much in life for me! Esther was just asking today, totally out of the blue, mommy when am i going to get to see Carly again?
We miss Malaysia, but we haven´t even stopped traveling yet. oh i am soooo ready for my own place. love to all! kemi