Monday, October 6, 2008

Out with the Old in with the New

Those words are much easier to say than do right now. This is our dining room table and our kitchen table. Brian got this table when he got his first job and had to set up his first apartment. It was originally the Baxley's. We have eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner around this table for 9 years. But we did not just eat around this table, Carley painted here, played with playdough, and many a cookie was eaten here during young life campaigners (bible study.) I ahve studied the bible here and we spent countless nights with good friends playing dominos. Our little table made the trip to Malaysia with out getting so much as a scratch. It has served us well over the years. But with the addition of James, and trying to have other families over to dinner it really is not big enough any more.

So we have been on a quest to find a new dining room table. We looked at so many teak tables. Teak is a local wood and used to make all kinds of furniture in Malaysia. We looked at so many that when I left for the US I told Brian he could choose. So here it is our new table.
It is beautiful. I love the tapered legs and beveled edge. It measures 210 cm by 110 cm. Brian special ordered it in June and it finally arrived in September. We can now comfortably seat 8 around our table with plenty of room for everyone. The chairs we have at the moment are not what we ordered so these are temporary until ours come. We wanted a table that did not look to Asian so that it would fit in when we make our way back to Texas. But now that our new table is here what to do with our old one. We do not have a lot of storage in our house here and no place to stash it. But when I think of giving it away. I get sad because we have made so many memories around that table. But we have found an answer that warms my heart. Our table will have a new home in Manila. We are having our table shipped home to the Philippines for Alma our helper. She is so excited to have a new table that is solid wood and good quality. It makes me smile to think that Alma will always have a piece of the Head family with her. We really do love Miss Alma and we feel like she is a member of our family, but we know that one day we will go our separate ways. So we will enjoy our new table and make many new memories here, and she can make her own in Manila. There is plenty of room if anyone wants to join us for dinner.

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P Mixter said...

Time marches on and things change. Your family grows, grows older and new furniture is in order. But, like many items, we keep a sentimental attachment to these things that hold the stories, the scratches and other features that remind us of history. We hope Miss Alma will help others enjoy the grace of meal together, dominoes or bible study.

Bert Burt said...

A new table that allows room for your family plus guests - a great purchase. I loved the looks of the table and was very pleased to learn that Miss Alma will make use of your previous table. Memories will now be made with this new table while thinking about the old table being used in the Philippines where Miss Alma will be making memories around her new table.