Monday, October 20, 2008

Open House

Last Sunday we spent our afternoon at our neighbor's house. At the end of Ramadan, it is common for people to have open houses to celebrate the end of the fasting month. Our neighbors the Awalls not sure on the spelling also have their grandson's birthday party on the same day. It is a huge affair. They came on Saturday to set up the tent, tables and chairs. As we were leaving for church the caterers were already there setting up for a party that started at 3:30. It is a huge affair. We think about 350 people came and went over the course of three hours. They serve a huge spread of traditional Malay food, including fruit, satay, sweets, and nasi lamak, noodles. You can eat for hours. Adam who was turning six had a spaced themed birthday party compete with crafts, science projects and an astronaut walking around. There was 38 children at the birthday party, and I have never seen so many presents for one child. They also had a ball pit and popcorn machine and a man passing out balloons. This little girl had so much fun playing with James and she was very protective of him and made everyone be careful of the baby.

This is the cut out you could have you picture taken in to go in the frame you were to decorate. James had to have his picture taken too. Even the torrential rain could not put a damper on the party. But I will say when the thunder started I was glad we were downstairs and not under the tent. Tomorrow I will post a picture of the Awalls house, it is beautiful from the outside. We moved in just after they finished a one year remodel. The inside is beautiful as well. We are well received by our neighbors and that makes us happy.

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Bert Burt said...

What a great event - sounds like all 350 people had a wonderful time especially the 38 children at the birthday party!
Lots of food and fun for everyone. James and Carley certainly seem to have had an enjoyable time. Hope you and Brian enjoyed your time there as well. A unique experience in so many different ways.