Friday, February 29, 2008

Extreme Blog Make Over

I am sorry it has been a slow blogging week. We are battling being sick again and this time I have it too. Carley and James both seem to be on the other side and hopefully after seeing the doctor today and getting on antibiotics I will be on the mend soon. I was really worried about James since we are traveling to Bali on Tuesday for a family vacation to celebrate his FIRST Birthday, and he has two ear infections. Hopefully flying will not be to bad on Tuesday.

I hope everyone is enjoying my blog's new look. I love it. Jennisa is a stay at home mom of two by day and she pimps peoples blogs by night. She is truly gifted. I just gave her a couple of ideas sent her some pictures and in a weeks time it was done. The hardest part for us was the fact that she would send me a question and I would not answer it for 12 hours with the time change. But she was still really quick. Check her out at and see what she can do for you.
Time to play with the kids and take a nap. I hope all of you are well.

Blessings Paige


Anonymous said...

So sorry you have all had the sickies! Have a wonderful time in Bali!!! What a great first birthday. Love the new look of the blog; I need to get on the blog-train!

Love you all. Robyn

E Keller said...

Hope you're better soon and James's ears clear for plane ride. Love, El

Bert Burt said...

What a great looking blog! Hope James is recovered by the trip to Bali - that should make for a great 1st birthday. Truly something to remember. Will be praying for safe travel and an enjoyable vacation for the entire family.

Jennifer Partin said...

I'm sorry to hear they/you are sick! Not fun taking care of sick little ones. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Ah....Bali. Can I come join you?

Love the new Blog look----and her rates are reasonable too, huh? I have been really busy this last week and a half. I plan to sit and post tonight, hopefully. (my oldest has Junior Olympics this week and we have been spending 5 hours a day at the pool!)

P Mixter said...

Love the new look, so retro I want to put the Partridge Family on the record player--er, I mean iPod...

Get well soon and enjoy Bali. We want photos in your blog! BTW, we got two inches of snow yesterday!