Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where is the Weather Channel?

For those of you who knew me in Katy, you know that I am slightly obsessed with the weather. I checked the weather channel first thing in the morning listened to the weather on the news just before bed. I had one weather website in my computer favorite list at home and three different weather sites saved at school. If you wanted to know when the storms were coming all you had to do was ask. I new when it was going to get cold and whether it would rain. Now I will explain that a good portion of my job involved me being outside watching some kind of sporting event or practice. I really considered getting to go outside with my job a major perk. Except for those days when it was really cold and rainy. So I would tell people that I needed to know what the weather was so I could be prepared. Did I need long pants, a hat, old shoes for the mud and my gortex or was it going to be one of may favorite days where all I needed was a pullover and my sun glasses.
Living in Malaysia the weather is very different and yet it always feels the same. If you were to look at a map KL is located 3 degrees above the equator so it is always hot here. The heat really does not bother me. It is not 104 degrees and 100 percent humidity like it would be in Katy in August. But it is always hot. I am pretty sure it never gets below 80 here. Honestly it is hard to know exactly what the temperature is here because it is always in Celsius and that is a conversion I do not do in my head well. But Brian says that locals here really start to complain if it ever gets over 95. The humidity is pretty impressive too. Bread and cereal will go stale in under an hour. Things are always sticky.
The most amazing thing to me is the amount of rain that we get. It rains daily. I think the longest that we have gone with out rain so far is five days. And when I say rain I mean deluge. The pictures I have included are ones I took at my house this weekend. The top is the view out of my bedroom window notice you can barely see the trees across the street. The bottom is what my yard looks like when it is raining we get a nice ponding effect until it can all drain away. Every once in a while we have a light rain, but most of the time it really comes down. I tell people I fell like I am in a hurricane with out the wind. I am really not sure how the whole city does not flood. We have our fair share of thunderstorms here too. The thunder is quite amazing my favorite is when it claps so hard you think it has hit the house and then everything shakes. The lighting is pretty impressive too. And let me let you in on a little secret I am not a big fan of lightning. I absolutely hate to be outside when there is lightning. When I worked for the school district we had lightning meters and I loved them. Basically the read the sky for any electrical disturbances and following district policy we had to go inside once the lightning got within a certain distance. The head football coach really did not like it when I had the lightning meter because I was very quick to tell him it was time to go in. But I digress. So it rains a lot here and when it is not raining the sun is shining and it is hot. And to top it all off I have not found the weather channel or a website so I know when the storms are coming and when they will stop. Luckily though if someone asks what the weather is going to be you can say hot and at some point it will rain and most likely you will be right. My obsession with the weather continues and it pains me not to know what is going to happen next, but at least I do not have to shovel snow. Although I did tell Brian the other night that I was tired of being hot and that I wanted to be cold really cold, like I can not feel my toes cold. And he replied I could take a trip to China. Keep warm my friends and when you are tired of the cold and the snow, the door is always open.


K Mayne said...

Sounds a little like Alabama in the summer to me! You know your grandad Henry is a little weather obsessed too? Does he read this? he has high speed now, so he can. Hmm, now that the Patriots lost maybe the can try it. talk about a rambling comment! Love your posts, I am trying to figure out the RSS feed thing. Love you guys!

E Keller said...

Milwaukee hoping to break records with 16" (count them and shovel them kids!) of snow from now until tomorrow night. School will close. We're hunkered down. Balmy around 30, below zero by Sat. Door's open Paige, come back and cool off anytime!

Maybe a dip in the Atlantic in NH this summer will cure you of your longings for cold.

Love ya, El