Monday, February 25, 2008

Rubber Ducky Your the One

This is what bath time looks like in our house.
Brian had the daunting task of finding a house for us in Malaysia. I was in Texas with Carley and he bravely went out armed with my LIST of requirements and found one to fit the bill. He spent many hours with several different Realtors hunting down a home. It was not easy especially when they told him we could not find a house in our price range, and if we did we would be robbed because we would not be in a good area. Well he found a great house which I will share pictures and tell you all about another time. The only thing that this house really lacks is a bath tub. It was a small oversight and many of the houses he looked at only had showers. So we improvise. We went out to the store and found two different bathtubs. One looks like a number 2 washtub but it is plastic. The other is long and thin and has a lip in the bottom, very important when you have just learned to sit up. This way James did not end up sliding down with water over his head. We place them in the floor of the shower in the kids bathroom and using the shower head we fill them up. Carley and James have a flotilla of ducks, and boats that they float around in their tubs. There is the usual splashing and now that James can stand up he does so often and tries to climb into the tub with Carley. Carley does however miss getting to lay completely down in the tub and float. But we have several good friends that let us borrow the bathtub now and again so she can have a big bath as she calls it. Plus it means she is that much more excited about getting to stay in a hotel, because it means she gets to have a real bath. Well I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into another day in the life in Malaysia.


E Keller said...

Can't wait 'till the kids can take a big bath in the Atlantic!

Bert Burt said...

Loved the "number 2 washtub" bath arrangement. The relatives in Tennessee would be so proud of how creative the arrangement is to get a bath for the kids. Well done.

Jon & Ashley McP said...

I like the new title page part and background!!!
<>< ashley

Misti said...

love your new blog! It looks awesome! Coop wants to say: "I love you, Carley and Paige, and Carley's daddy, and I love you so much, James, because Carley's my best friend." We love you!!!!