Tuesday, February 5, 2008

World's Smallest Pet Store

This is quite possibly the world's smallest pet store. Well really it is mostly a fish store, but they do have turtles, frogs, crickets, mice, hamsters, and a wide array of fish. There are aquariums stacked from the floor to about eight feet high full of fish. Above that is fish bowls, plants, filters, and all sorts of paraphernalia. The back wall is floor to ceiling fish food and chemicals. It is so tight in this little store that I can not even pick Carley up. But I love it because it is so small, less to choose from for a three year old is better and the fish are so cheap. The first time we went there I bought eight fish for two US dollars. The shop is typical of how many shops are in the older parts of KL. You find them all lined up very thin but very deep. Often times similar things will be grouped together. It makes comparison shopping much easier. The more modern shopping is found in malls. Huge giant malls with three floor of underground parking. The malls here have everything you would find in an American mall plus a grocery store, cobbler, doctors clinic at least one spa and usually a mega store much like a walmart but different. I miss walmart.
We had a fish catastrophe in our house about two weeks ago and our fish population shrank from 8, two pink and 6 orange tailed guppies to 2 one of each. The short story, Carley decided her fish were hungry and I made the mistake of leaving the fish food at her level. She decided they were half a jar of food hungry and then in her effort to "Help I must clean up my mess" which is what she was shouting when I entered the room. She had taken her baby wipes and was washing the inside walls and water of her tank. Even after replacing half the water, cleaning the filter several times, and scooping out as much food as possible, fish death was eminent. We explained to Carley that while baby wipes were great for cleaning all kinds of kiddo messes they are not good for fish messes. I will say Carley is a good sport about her fish dying she simply watches me scoop them up then she dumps them into the toilet, flushes and tells them to have a nice swim in the ocean. Today's visit to the fish store was memorable as usual. You can not really tell but Carley is dresses in scrubs that are printed with a tropical fish pattern, which she picked out because we were going fish shopping. Carley selected one larger than a guppy orange fish which she declared the daddy. Five orange tailed guppies, the big sisters. She was happy and ready to take them home to the pink fish the mommy and they only set me back 1.50 us. Life is good. Carley of course asked if she could have a turtle which I responded no. And then the picture below is her reaction to the crayfish in the tank by the door. After checking out the rest of the animals she was ready to head home. Our day was full and I can say everyone is happy especially a little girl with a complete fish family. We are off to bed I hope everyone has a great day. Blessings.


Jackie Nelson said...

Hi my friends...I love this blog! It is so great to keep up with you all and watch the kids. I think it is also fascinating to see sights of the city and of your house...it's funny how many differences there are that you don't think about...who'd have thought the pet store would be the size of a closet? Keep it up! By the way...when it says you posted at 1am is that your time or somewhere here? Love to you all! Jackie

E Keller said...

Carley has fish scrubs? Ellie

Bert Burt said...

Carley has "cleaning in her blood" probably from her Granny as well as her dad and mom. I am clearly innocent of passing along that trait. Loved the pictures of the pet store and the store of Carley caring for her fish. Amazing how a child can see the positive in the fish getting an opportunity to swim out to the ocean. Not unlike Nemo. Love Bert Burt