Monday, February 11, 2008

Open House

Since it is a holiday here in KL we went to the mall with some friends for lunch. We went to one of the new malls here called the Pavilion. This mall is very nice full of high end stores from all over the world. We had a nice lunch and were wondering around when Carley found this white box with steps leading up to it. She climbed right up and proceeded to start dancing. Now you need to understand that Carley does not perform on command. She has balked during two Christmas plays at school. When asked to sing in front of others unless it is grace it does not happen. So to have her hop up there and put on a show was very surprising. She danced and when she was done some people clapped and then in an instant it was over. She realized people were watching and she got down.

To continue our Chinese New Year Celebration we went to a traditional Chinese open house. We were graciously invited to the home of our friends Richard, Sin Tin, Laurel and Lextor. Brian and Sin Tin work together at Exxon Mobil. When Brian first moved to KL Sin Tin took him to see the sights and they were fast friends. Sin Tin just returned from being in Houston at the same meeting with Brian. Laurel is a little older than Carley and Lextor is two. (I think). Carley and Laurel are friends and enjoy playing together. We were very blessed to be invited to share in this time with them since we were the only people who were not somehow related to the hosts. Sin Tin's aunt who is visiting from San Francisco and Sin Tin cooked most of the food. It was amazing. We started dinner by tossing the yee sang. This is a traditional meal that consists of carrot, turnip, sugared ginger, peppers, crackers, sesame seeds, sour plum sauce, and jelly fish. IT is said the more you toss it the more good luck you will have in the new year. I am a good sport and will try anything that Sin Tin gives me. Yes I tried the jelly fish a very small bite. It tasted like you would imagine it. Tough and rubbery. But the vegetables were very good. They also served chicken wings stuffed with rice, a noodle dish, Chinese vegetables, curry pops, beautiful shrimp, and a pork dish that Sin Tin told me that I should not eat. I took her word. There was a large selection of cookies and carrot cake for dessert. I ate until I could not eat any more. We spent most of the night chatting and meeting family members. One of the traditions of Chinese New year is that all the single people get something called Ang Pow. This is cash put in small red envelope. Ang Pow is given as a gesture of kindness and a wish for prosperity in the new year. Carley was very

confused when people kept handing her envelopes. I tried to explain what it was and that there is money on the inside. So of course then she wanted to open it, but that is very bad manners. So I had to convince her that she had to wait until we got home to look at them all. She took her envelopes and exclaimed that she did not understand why she was getting them and reluctantly said thank you with some prodding. After we came home and she got to open them she was very happy though. After tallying up how much she made she promptly asked if she could buy the Dora the Explorer balloon which she has been eyeing at the mall for two weeks. I told her it was her money and she could do with it as she pleased. To which she replied, "Thank you mommy you have made me the happiest Little girl ever." We had a wonderful evening and enjoyed being part of the family.

Sin Tin is pictured here in her traditional red Chinese silk dress. James is wearing a silk onsie of traditional Chinese fashion as well.

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